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The Sound Farmer

We empower farmers to live their dream and to regain and keep hope & vision, by educating, strengthening and mentoring them holistically.


Healing the world - one farmer at a time


The Sound Farmer team is strongly driven by the belief that the farmer himself/herself needs to be the focus.

If we want to reverse desertification, soil loss and the degradation of land, we need to change the way we farm. If we want to accomplish change in farming, we need to change our farms. Farms are run by farmers and only healthy, thriving and educated farmers (sound farmers) can make that change happen. 


The farmer is the one element that is unique to a farm and makes it what it is. The farmer is the human element in it all. Sustaining the earth, restoring farming land and top soil, producing healthy food and healing communities are all noble causes because of the people involved. People, created equally and beautifully in God’s image. That is why we focus on the farmer! 


Our focus lies with the people— the farmer(s), their family and their holistic context. Though we educate and give practical hands-on advice, we always start and finish with you. 


Who you are meant to be, what your gifts and talents are, what you are called to and what your dreams and visions are is what ultimately will make the difference for you personally, your farm, your community and the world you live in. 


Together with the Holistic Management framework and the Savory Institute we approach you and your holistic context uniquely. Our practical approach will give you the knowledge and advice that you need for your farm and your life without all the extra clutter that is irrelevant to your context. Regenerative agriculture is not cookie-cutter but rather individual, just like you. We will tailor our services to your specific needs.

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