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About Simeon
Timeline Website Sound Farmer.png


in Germany

Farming Education at

Natural Resource School Sötåsen

in Sweden


regenerative farming

Start of Consulting

and teaching business

and YouTube

Awarded and praised as

"Farm Business of the Year"

in Karlsborg county, Sweden

Move to Austria,

Training in

Holzer Permaculture

Trained & Certified

as Accredited Professional

with the Savory Institute

The business

officially gets the name

The Sound Farmer

Simeon grew up in a small town near Siegen, Germany where he lived until he moved to Sweden with his parents and three siblings in early 2003.

In 2007 Simeon & Alex met at a Bible College in Germany. They got married in 2008 and had their first child in 2009, spending their first years together in full-time Christian ministry.

Simeon & Alex started a direct marketing farm business, selling no-dig veggies, pastured eggs and grass-fed beef. The business also included a small hatchery.

Simeon & Alex started sharing their methods and experiences on YouTube. The channel grew quickly and has over 50 million views today.

A strong desire grew within Simeon to further educate himself in regenerative agriculture to become a better farmer and to better assist, teach & mentor others who regularly reached out for help.

Simeon & Alex made it a priority to reach out to and meet other leaders in the movement, among others Joel Salatin, Richard Perkins, Gabe Brown, Paul Gautschi & Justin Rhodes.

After having written and published his first book in 2019, Simeon had already shown his care and focus for the farmer personally. He continued to build on that foundation and became an accredited professional with the Savory Institute.

During a family vacation in 2021, Simeon & Alex sat down on a late and warm summer evening, reflecting on the past years and examining their lives. Something beautiful emerged from that unforgettable night and a clear and strong vision of what now has become "The Sound Farmer" was born.

A note from Alex

Hi guys! My name is Alex and I’m Simeon’s wife. I grew up in Oregon but moved to Europe shortly after I graduated from high school, so I have spent most of my adult life living abroad. 


A couple years back we were at a very low point in life where the rug had been completely pulled out from under our feet and we weren’t certain what the next step would be. It was at that point that we both felt that God brought the idea of “The Sound Farmer” to us. 


As you may already know, Simeon is a very good communicator. He is most definitely gifted in his ability to teach and express himself to whoever his audience may be, making him so relatable and welcoming to everyone who listens. BUT— the Sound Farmer is so much more than just a farm consulting service! We desire to see YOU succeed in life, given your individual life and family circumstances, wherever you may currently be living. 


I, as a wife and mother of four, struggled for many years with the imbalance that we experienced in our life. It seemed like we were never able to get ahead though we were constantly giving our all. Because of all of this we are now convinced that managing our entire life, family and farm holistically, is truly the only way to see that we as a family are able to thrive. 


My role in the Sound Farmer is in the background (where I prefer to be!) as I support and assist Simeon with his courses and ideas, and of course practically seeing to it that our home is functioning well. I am not the one you will find teaching courses and offering consulting services because I don’t feel like that is my area of expertise, but the Sound Farmer is just as much a passion and a child of mine. I see it as being a wonderful resource to give hope to other families and couples who are struggling in similar areas that we struggled in for many years, because there IS a way to thrive in life as a farmer!

A note from Simeon

I am so incredibly thankful for all that God has allowed me to learn and accomplish so far. More than anything I am amazed when I now look back and see a clearer picture of where I was going all those years. For a long time I wasn't sure what exactly God had for me, but seeing it now in reverse, most of it makes sense.

Below I will share some of my accomplishments and certificates from trainings that I have undergone. People are constantly attacking and questioning other folks' integrity online, including mine. I have made a lot of claims about who I am, on this page and on other online platforms. The documents below are supposed to add some substance to those claims. Ultimately I believe that no certificate can be proof of credibility alone, but that my work, my friendships, my customers and most of all my wife and kids have the last say in what kind of person I am.

Though many of those things carry my name, it would have been impossible to do any of it without my wife. She is and has been a vital part in every step and every accomplishment throughout our years together.

Sincerly, Simeon

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