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Personal training in
with a Savory Accredited Professional

For general information about Holistic Management click here.

As a Savory AP, Simeon has access to the latest materials and curriculums from the Savory Institute.


Simeon can help you with:

- Understanding & Training in Holistic Management

- Creating and defining your Holistic Context

- Implementing HM in your life

- Training and help with the tools and management guidelines

- How-To's for your Holistic Context and farm

- Holistic Farm & Land Planning

A great and easy way to start your Holistic Management journey:

Simeon created a professional video course specifically to provide a low-cost offer that would give people a deep understanding of the 'why' and 'what' of Holistic Management.

We believe that this course is a great starting point for anyone to learn and understand HM and to prepare themselves for further trainings and studies on the topic.

Video Course

Contact us to enquire about how we can help you on your Holistic Management journey.

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