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The Sound Farmer Land Planning

YOUR farm should be planned according to YOUR unique Holistic Context,  using Holistic Management-, Keyline- and Permaculture principles to create the ideal layout and infrastructure for your regenerative journey.

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Our unique approach to plan your farm

Everyone has a context. A Holistic Context however is something that needs to be created and established so that you can successfully manage your family, your land and your finances indivisibly from each other. That is why our land planning service uses the following 3 steps:

Step 1

We help you gain a good understanding of
Holistic Management

Step 2

You create your
Holistic Context
(we can assist)

Step 3

Together we create a Sound Farmer Land Plan based on your Holistic Context

© Copyright The Sound Farmer

© Copyright The Sound Farmer

Professional Planning

As an Accredited Professional with the Savory Institute for Holistic Management and a longtime farmer with hands-on permaculture training and many years of work within regenerative agriculture, Simeon has both the experience and knowledge to create the best plan of a functional farm together with you.

You can expect professional digital work from The Sound Farmer. Simeon has been working with different planning and sketching softwares for decades and took different courses in Computer Science at the University of Skövde, Sweden.

No matter how professional a planning process is or how knowledgable the planner might be, it is of little value if the result is not in line with your desired quality of life and how you want your land to be. That is why we work very closely with you and your Holistic Context during the entire process.

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How we work...


We use "Volley" to stay in touch with you and for the best communications experience. As our Land Planning client, you will have priority and an open line to us during the entire process.

For face to face meetings that require a direct exchange, for example when part of the work will be presented and shared, we work with ZOOM to meet with you in a safe online place.

If it is feasible given the circumstances, we can meet in person. This is especially our goal for the initial meet up and when the final land plan will be explained and presented

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3 reasons for a Sound Farmer Land Plan

Reason 1

Professional Digital Planning
based on your Holistic Context

Reason 2

By farmers for farmers

Reason 3

Support beyond the plan

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Terraced Market Garden

When the plan is done,
the real work starts

Your land plan is your goal. We offer mentoring programs to walk alongside you beyond the planning process. You will not be left alone with a vision to implement by yourself without support.

Contact us about your farm and how we can help you personally.

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