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Empowering farmers to live their dream




SOUND / saʊnd /

1   a : in good condition

    b : not injured

2  a : financially secure

    b : reliable

    c : stable

3  a : showing good judgement or sense

    b : based on thorough knowledge

         and experience

The Sound Farmer
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Our Story - The Founders

4 kids to raise, tight budget & no land of their own. Simeon & Alex understand farmers because they have lived the struggle for many years.

They were introduced to regenerative agriculture in 2011 and started building up a direct marketing farm in Sweden, leasing Simeon's parent's land. The business included selling pastured eggs, no-dig veggies, grass fed beef, a small hatchery and teaching others about regenerative farming. Their work was recognized with the "Farm Business of the Year" award in 2017 in Karlsborg county, Sweden.

Simeon studied organic farming on the "Natural Resource School Sötåsen" in Sweden from 2003-2006. He is an accredited professional with the Savory Institute, teaching Holistic Management and has also undergone the Holzer permaculture training in Austria where he worked alongside Josef Holzer on the Krameterhof.

Our Services

"Service" comes from "serving", which is what we want to do for you. If you are a farmer or wanting to go into farming, we can come alongside you in a number of ways, but all the help we offer always has one thing in common:

We start and finish with you!



Your unique life

has unique challenges

Because farming is an entire lifestyle and consuming endeavor, we see the importance of the emotional health of the farmers and their families.

As a family that is familiar with the struggles associated with this lifestyle, as well as his experience as an ordained Pastor, Simeon & Alex offer a variety of support.



Regenerative Agriculture


• Farm Planning

• Permaculture

• Holistic Management

• Online Courses

• eBooks

• YouTube and Rumble

• On-Farm Trainings &


• And more




with Simeon

When Simeon first started off practicing regenerative farming, there were many times he wished he would have had a mentor to call when he felt unsure or needed encouragement.

With the revolutionary "VolleyApp", Simeon now offers personal, long-term help in different formats.


Simeon comes with a wide range of knowledge, thorough planning skills and precise implementation techniques for all relevant areas of farming. During the countless hours that I got to work together with him, I realized quickly that he knows his stuff. If you are wanting to get into regenerative farming or want to further develop you current farming operation, Simeon will be the right partner for your project.

Rene K.

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